Strategies to Improve Your Sales Team Efficiency
Boosting Sales Success: Strategies to Improve Your Sales Team Efficiency!
February 29, 2024
3000+ Message Monthly
Retail Store – 3000+ Message Monthly
April 7, 2024

 - Expo & Tradeshow Business -

5000+ Event Visitor
in the last roud in Jaddah

We’re thrilled to share an incredible success story that showcases how preservence and consistency make all the difference in digital marketing.

The Challenge:

A leading Exhibition & Tradeshows company facing the challenge of reaching a broader audience and boosting brand visibility in the competitive power solutions market.

they were already dominating the sector, yet they were looking to expand their international reach and help their agencies to reach more potential clients

The Catalyst for Change!

They joined DigitalSquad to supercharge their online presence and spark meaningful connections with businesses seeking to network with market leaders and create better partnerships and find qualified leads⚡

  • 🔍 Attractive Designs Magic: [Week 1 - Week 3]
    First, we started with Leveraging improving the social media and website content and increasing the posting frequency to catapult them to the top of their client's minds, making them the go-to choice for businesses looking for diesel generators.
    Check Our Portfolio to see a sample of the work we have done for them.
  • 📱 Engaging Social Presence: [Week 3 - Week 5]
    Second, we turned their social media into showcasing of their work and deliveries showing their unmatched market-authority and competency in action and building a community around them.
  • 🎯 Targeted Campaigns: [Week 4 - Till now, over 3 years] 
    Then, We crafted hyper-targeted campaigns to reach businesses in need of robust power solutions, ensuring their message resonated with the right audience along with promoting product awareness and trust.

Results Speak Louder:

📈 5000+ Visitors: Our performance team focused on brand awareness in every platform possible to the event visible to every potential visitor.

through their 6th round in Cairo, Egypt 2023

and first round in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2024

and going for the second round in Riyadh 2025

Brand Authority:

Their digital transformation positioned them as an authority in the Expo & Tradeshow Market, with a brand that resonates with trust and reliability. and improved the chances for their sales team to convert a lot better their uplifted brand.

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