Real-life examples of successful email campaigns and their ROI
May 12, 2024

 - Education & EdTech -

1250+ Leads From a Single
Winning Campaign For Online Courses

We’re thrilled to share an incredible success story that underscores the transformative power of strategic digital marketing. 🌐💡

The Challenge:

A Well-known Education Facility was facing the challenge of reaching a certain lead target on monthly basis to achieve the company growth they were after.

The Catalyst for Change!

They joined Digital Squad to supercharge their online presence and spark meaningful connections with businesses seeking reliable power solutions⚡

  • 🔍 Extensive Market Research: [Week 1 - Week 2]
    We scanned the market to make sure that the programs are well-fitted to the client demand and then checked the competition benchmarking. making sure that we are offering an irresistable offer.

    Check Our Portfolio to see a sample of the work we have done for them.

  • 📱 Going for the winning ad: [Week 3 - Week 5]
    Second, we were on a mission to find the best perfoming ad set and ad creative to get the best CPR possible.

  • 🎯 Scaling Phase: [Week 6 -  ... ] 
    Then, it was the time to scale up all the best ads we found gradually till it hit the peak.

Results Speak Louder:

📈 1,000+ Leads: Our performance team made sure to hit their lead goal from the second month, they witnessed a significant surge in qualified leads. 💡

We have been running winning campaigns for them for almost a full year.

Brand Authority:

another case proves how a well-designed product (Product-market-fit) will ensure a safe sail into the face of competition in 5 different GCC countries.

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