Sales Developer Application

I understand your time is valuable and I sincerely appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill this out, we will reach out after if there is a fit!

Our company, DigitalSquad, is an online business Digital Marketing Agency.
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An incredible balance of world-class standards and intensity while promoting a healthy lifestyle exists.
Our culture will always promote an extremely fun, empowering, result-oriented environment.

We've helped scale over 150 businesses in the last 3 years, all fast-growth online companies and you'll get to be on the leading edge of these transformations.

The Sales Developer is a crucial member of our organization, directly contributing to the success of our business

This role involves reaching out to and qualifying inbound leads, accurate reporting in our CRM, identifying potential issues in our sales process, and communicating these to the appointment setter team leader.

The Sales Developer is responsible for meeting sales targets and generating revenue, contributing to the overall goals and plans developed by the sales management team.

- Work as part of a cohesive sales and marketing team towards a common goal, contributing to a competitive yet collaborative environment that maximizes the performance of the entire team.
- Strive to meet and exceed individual sales targets.
- Participate in lucrative incentive schemes and monetary benefits to encourage high performance.
- Report individual sales metrics to the appointment setter team leader, ensuring all quotas are met.
- Collaborate with the marketing team to follow lead generation plans that align with company and revenue growth objectives.
- Participate in sales training and onboarding programs.
- Maintain a deep understanding of customer needs and monitor their preferences to ensure relevant sales strategies.

- Regular reports on leads and set appointments are submitted to the appointment setter team leader.
- Each Appointment Setter meets their quota or receives appropriate coaching.
- A minimum of 40 qualified booked appointments are set month-to-month by each individual appointment setter.
- All Appointment Setters members consistently uphold company values and culture.

- Minimum of 2 years of experience in a business-to-business appointment setter role.
- Minimum of 2 years experience in setting appointments from paid advertising.
- Excellent communication and analytical skills.
- Proficiency with CRM software and data analysis tools.
- Strong understanding of sales processes and strategies.
- Experience in using digital marketing tools, including social media platforms.
- Strong negotiation and decision-making skills.
- High emotional intelligence, resilience, and problem-solving ability.

Flexible hours
Only attending weekly meetings is necessary

Commission-based position
25% on Collection on your first deal in the month
30% on Collection on any further deal during the month
(i.e. Selling a 5,000 LE contract you get 1,250 LE. While selling 2 contracts in the same month with 5,000 LE each gets you 2,750 LE instead of 1,500 LE)

- Work-life balance with remote work from anywhere.
- Functional Training, and coaching.
- Generous and flexible paid time off, including holidays and sick days.

DigitalSquad CORE VALUES:
Our core values are the heart and soul of this incredible company. The right person for this role will appreciate each of these values, personally subscribe to them, and understand why each is critical to having a great business.

Our goal is to never have to “acquire” another client again - “A referral from every client, every client from a referral.”

"Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical."
Making commitments, delivering on time, and following up on what has been done

To blame someone else is to admit you are powerless.
Complaining and excuses will not be tolerated.

We work to identify the root cause of issues and then create the simplest system
to solve it

Transparency builds trust, trust builds teams
it helps to maintain high standards.

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